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Acharya V Shastri is a successful professional Online astrologer, Vedic astrologer and KP System astrologer with over 20+ years of experience in Indian Vedic astrology. Predictions are based on Parasara System ( 20 Divisional charts ) and KP System  and pinpointing the timing of events is the main feature of his work. The focus of his practice is on love life, marital compatibility, child birth, profession, education, financial stability and health.Seventy percent of his clients are returning clients who are already satisfied of their online vedic astrology reading /  indian horoscope reading. He has been working as an online Astrologer for last six years. He is among the very few Astrologers whose clients are spread  across the world. He has served mostly as an Astrologers in USA, UK, Canada and 35 other countries of the world.


Rising Sign
Aries Leo
Sagittarius Taurus
Virgo Capricorn
Gemini Libra
Aquarius Cancer
Scorpio Pisces
Ashwini Magha
Moola Bharani
Poorvaphalguni Poorvashada
Krittika Uttharaphalguni
Uttharashada Rohini
Hastha Shravana
Mrigasira Chitra
Dhanishta Ardra
Swathi Sathabhisa
Punarvasu Vishakha
Poorvabhadrapada Pushya
Anuradha Uttarabhadrapada
Aslesha Jyeshta
1st 2nd
3rd 4th
5th 6th
7th 8th
9th 10th
11th 12th
Medical Astrology
Aries Taurus
Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn
Aquarius Pisces
Moon Signs
Moon In Aries Moon In Leo
Moon In Sagittarius Moon In Taurus
Moon In Virgo Moon In Capricorn
Moon In Gemini Moon In Libra
Moon In Aquarius Moon In Cancer
Moon In Scorpio Moon In Pisces
Astrology Planets
Sun Jupiter
Venus Moon
Saturn Rahu Ketu
Mars Mercury
Emerald Coral
Blue Sapphire Ruby
Gomedth Diamond
Cat's Eye Yellow Sapphire